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Grand Trek

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First Day and Niagara Falls First Day and Niagara Falls
23 Jul 2003 to 24 Jul 2003 - 15 photos
First couple of days after leaving New York. First night in the Finger Lakes area before heading off to Niagara Falls (with a brief jaunt across the border to Canada!).
Chicago Chicago
26 Jul 2003 to 27 Jul 2003 - 27 photos
One of my favourite cities on the Trek. Plenty of things to see and do in Chicago including the Sears Tower (then the tallest building in America), Navy Pier and nightlife.
Badlands, South Dakota Badlands, South Dakota
27 Jul 2003 to 29 Jul 2003 - 32 photos
Drive through the plains to get to the Badlands in South Dakota where did an evening horse ride. Also a short stop at the curious place of Wall Drug.
Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Devil's Tower Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Devil's Tower
29 Jul 2003 to 30 Jul 2003 - 18 photos
Huge rock formations - natural and man-made. Mount Rushmore is one of those iconic images of America with the faces of five presidents carved into the rock. Crazy Horse is the natives' answer to Mount Rushmore and is still being carved. Devil's Tower is an enormous basalt pillar formed from an old volcano.
Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park
31 Jul 2003 to 1 Aug 2003 - 50 photos
Absolutely awesome place bristling with towering mountains, deep gorges, geysers (including Old Faithful), mud pools, waterfalls, lakes, buffalo and bison.
Grand Teton National Park Grand Teton National Park
2 Aug 2003 - 11 photos
Just south of Yellowstone is the Grand Teton National Park with some spectacular views of the huge Tetons.
Into California - Bodie Ghost Town Into California - Bodie Ghost Town
4 Aug 2003 to 6 Aug 2003 - 26 photos
From Idaho (where we saw some spectacular thunderstorms) through Nevada and into California. The old mining town of Brodie was an impromptu stop before arriving in Yosemite.
Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park
6 Aug 2003 to 7 Aug 2003 - 21 photos
More mind-blowing scenery with spectacular views of famous mountains such as El Capitan and Half Dome. We hiked from Glacier Point down to the valley floor.
San Francisco San Francisco
8 Aug 2003 to 9 Aug 2003 - 19 photos
First chance to get some big city life since leaving Chicago. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge on a bay cruise and across to Alcatraz.
California Coast and Los Angeles California Coast and Los Angeles
10 Aug 2003 to 13 Aug 2003 - 15 photos
Stunning coastline scenery for hundreds of miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles. We stopped for a bit of sea kayaking at Monterey Bay. In Los Angeles we visited Universal Studios and Disneyland. Los Angeles also marked the half-way point of the tour and the group changed for people starting out on the Southern Sun trek.
Las Vegas Las Vegas
14 Aug 2003 to 16 Aug 2003 - 17 photos
Enigmatic Las Vegas - steaming hot during both day and night (it was about 42C while we were there) which is probably why people spend so much time (and money!) in the air-conditioned casinos.
Zion National Park and Lake Powell Zion National Park and Lake Powell
16 Aug 2003 to 19 Aug 2003 - 26 photos
More stunning scenery at both Zion National Park (where we tackled the vertiginous Angel's Landing walk) and Lake Powell which was formed when the Colorado river was dammed. A day was spent relaxing at Lake Powell and swimming in the cool water.
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